14NOV2019 - NEWS - Galp to supply cleaner marine fuels at Portuguese ports from this week

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Galp will be supplying a new marine fuel oil with a maximum of 0.50% sulphur content that complies with the new International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules applying to all ships from January 1st.

With the new offering, Galp will provide the means for clients to tackle the most sweeping change ever in the international market for marine fuels, comparable only to the replacement of coal by fuel as the mainstream maritime shipping energy source, at the outset of the 20th Century.

This change will determine a sharp decline in maritime cargo-emissions and contribute to a better environment.

The new fuel, known as VLSFO 0.50%S, is the outcome of almost two years of research in which Galp tested more than 160 different formulations. It will be available at all the Portuguese ports starting on November 15th. It will be produced exclusively at the company’s Sines and Matosinhos refineries. VLSFO will supplied by truck, by barge and by pipeline.

Galp will also continue to supply a wide range of marine fuels and lubricants.

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