21NOV2019 - NEWS - DNG Energy to commence LNG bunkering operations in Algoa Bay from 2020

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DNG Energy, the leading South African LNG infrastructure provider, is poised to start LNG bunkering in South Africa’s largest bunkering port, Algoa Bay. In conjunction with its continuing investment into LNG infrastructure by 2020, the development reaffirms the company’s commitment to driving South Africa’s growth as a major global force for LNG bunkering within the commercial shipping industry.

DNG Energy’s continuing development of LNG bunkering facilities at Algoa Bay utilises Africa’s abundance of natural gas reserves to overcome the shortage of infrastructure as a barrier to the adoption of LNG as a fuel. The initiative will improve access to LNG bunkers for commercial vessels on one of the world’s most travelled trading routes, which sees 56,000 vessels transit the region every year. Bunkering operations are expected to commence in Q2, 2020.

Securing of the bunkering licence within Algoa Bay is a significant development for the company. It follows – in 2018 – the commissioning of South African Shipyards to build an 8,000 tonne LNG bunker barge to service the region. Scheduled to come online in 2020, it is the largest vessel by weight ever to be built on the African continent.

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