21OCT2019 - JOB - Post-Fixture Operations support-THE GREAT EASTERN SHIPPING CO. LTD -Mumbai, IN

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Exp: 3-5 years; We are looking for candidates with 3 to 5 years of experience in Post fixture Operations in Shipping companies . The detailed job profile is as follows

Prepare and communicate Freight Invoice / Charter hire information to Charterers Collate demurrage documents from vessel, agents and brokers and calculate laytime and invoice it to Charterers. Prepare claims such as port costs, deviation claims, shifting costs and send to Charterers for review and negotiation Communicate all claims and other freight/demurrage related information bunker statements, commission invoices and any other provisions to accounts for processing payments/receipts Follow up with Charterers and brokers for receipts/payment of outstanding freight / demurrage and all pending claims Calculate and finalisation of voyage performance to assess the profitability statements and in turn finding out TCY. Monitor and confirm the tendering of NOR and arrangement of Free Pratique, Customs clearance at Load Port and Discharge Port. Preparing charter parties for Indian Charterers basis recap and base Charter Party. Keeping Track and continuous update of Outstanding receivables / Coordinating for prompt recovery. Agency appointments. Recovery of AWRP, Cargo Dues, K & R Bonus, Interim Port Expenses from Charterers as per applicable Charter Party. Preparing and sending LOIs for various operations as necessary for the prevailing voyage asper applicable Charter Party. Key skills

Knowledge of Laytime calculations Knowledge of freight/demurrage calculations Knowledge of Charter party agreements Proficient in MS Office & preparing MIS Good oral and written communication skills Education

Any Graduation / Port & Shipping Management course We offer Experience in a forward leaning company with a rich history. Opportunities for personal and professional development. An engaged and positive working environment. A remuneration package tailored to match the talent.

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