30NOV2019 - JOB - LNG Commercial Operator- JERA Global Markets - London, England, United Kingdom

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JERA Global Markets (JERAGM) is a leading utility-backed seaborne energy trader specialising in LNG, Coal and Freight with a platform to trade across all key markets (North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia). JERAGM is a joint venture between majority shareholder JERA Inc. (JERA) and EDF Trading. 
JERAGM operates one of the largest seaborne energy portfolios in the world which gives us an in-depth understanding of the way local, regional and international energy markets behave. These insights enable us to help our customers increase security of supply, optimise their portfolios and improve the risk management of their assets.
JERAGM LNG team manages the flexibility of over 35 million tonnes of supply each year, with structural access to both the European and North American gas markets. The coal team manages 60 million tonnes of supply each year for its shareholders and third-party customers and operates a major coal terminal in the Netherlands.
The commercial hub of the company is in Singapore, with offices located in Japan (Tokyo), the UK (London) and the US (Baltimore).

LNG Operations provide commercial, logistical and administrative support to JERAGM and is responsible on a day-to-day basis for the timely implementation and execution of freight and commercial transactions, to ensure that all obligations arising from the LNG contract and charter party are met and carried out professionally.
LNG Operations work closely with traders to maximize the value-add through the application of economics and optimization skills for profitable operations, and minimize the profit leakage from the flexibility and optionality embedded in the LNG contracts and supply programs. Trading operations are also involved in the development of projects and new contracts.
The team is responsible on a day-to-day basis to be able to implement and execute commercial deals and review standard LNG contracts. In addition to cargo operations, this incumbent will be expected to cover freight operations and be able to operate LNG ships under JERAGM’s responsibility.

Key roles and responsibilities:
Ensure that LNG Operations fully complies with the company’s internal standards including compliance and Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), paying special attention to HSSE hazards and risks that may have impact on our license to operate
Ensure that all obligations arising from the contracts and charter parties are carried out, and that any necessary requirements are complied with
Deal with cargo and freight counter-parties and terminals on a regular basis regarding all pre- and post-deal activities ensuring all necessary operational information is passed on in good time and documentary requirements are met
Promote good relationships with Owner/Masters to continuously monitor and improve operational efficiency over and above TCP obligations
Support the team and provide guidance in understanding commercial impacts of marine technical actions, making sure communications with the business are happening with correct information flow to aid trading decisions
Appoint independent inspectors and expeditors
Ensure that all operational information is entered into trading systems
Provide guidance for necessary cargo invoicing work, diversion payments and clearances of accruals for both external and internal deals
Review LNG Confirmation Notices (CN), MSAs, Charter Party Agreements and contracts, influencing the operability of the LNG contracts
 Liaise with counterparts and support team to ensure smooth operations, avoid delays and minimize demurrage costs
Specifically seek to add value by exercising embedded commercial and logistical deal options and by pro-active approach to problem solving
Support commercial colleagues on the workability of proposed contractual arrangements for new projects, new contracts and spot cargoes
Agree supply schedules with third parties
Carry out contractual volume reconciliations ready for the annual delivery program discussions
Ensure that all financial security is in place
Identify and exploit synergies with other parts of company, building strong internal relationships to promote collaboration between departments
Manage internal stakeholders e.g. Traders, Optimizer Traders, Finance.
Manage relationships with external stakeholders, counter-parties and service providers e.g. suppliers and customers, regulatory bodies, inspectors and survey companies
Vet LNG Vessels and ensure compliance with internal Chartering Policy
Close out the charter parties accounting for all costs, including TCP claims and obtain sign-off from Chartering
 Efficiently manage the trade-offs between bunker consumption, boil-off and vessel speed (heel management) instructing the vessel’s Master accordingly
Arrange Bunkers and OPL activities as required by the vessel and devise optimal voyage plans, working with the vessel and commercial colleagues
Pro-actively close out operational-related disputes, including COU issues, with external and internal counterparts or support and guide less experienced team members where necessary
Actively engage and support local team when engaging with the Freight and Cargo Commercial Operations Team across the other hubs to ensure the Operations process alignment, business continuity and commercial added value to meet current and future business needs
Promote LNG Operations as an important, valuable and dependable part of the business

Experience required:
At least 5 years’ experience in commercial operations including 2 years’ in LNG operations
A key criterion is to be able to operate within a non-standard environment where the counterparty requires and expects considerable support and at the same time be able to gently introduce standardization and efficiency
A good level of fluency in the English language, both written and spoken is required; other languages such as Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin and Korean would also be an advantage

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